Kalamazoo Ribfest

Best Band in Southwest Michigan Plays Kalamazoo Ribfest
This is BoneHawk's van. They were booked to play Kalamazoo Ribfest purely because of this.
Thanks again to Kalamazoo's favorite original rockers, the BoneHawk, for stopping by the Rocker studios this morning! We were going to have Hairmania come by, but last time they were in the studio, th…
The Best Thing About Kalamazoo Ribfest
So the boss said, blog about your favorite thing about Ribfest. Well, I like ribs well-enough. I like cole slaw. Certainly like cold beer. But still my favorite thing about Ribfest is (to borrow/steal a trick from Ryan Seacrest) after the click.
What Bands Are Playing Kalamazoo Ribfest?
Some of the Kalamazoo Ribfest bands you already know. Some of them you get to help decide.
Check out the list below to see the lineup, and click the button below to vote for the Kalamazoo Ribfest 2015 opening band!

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