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Over the last two years, 30% of the waste generated from the Kalamazoo Ribfest has been diverted from the landfill.

Plastic and Aluminum6517106165942,572
Bread Trays (plastic)001890189
Plastic Film21725098
Recycled Total3,005.003,160.253,755.254,070.0010,985.50


Did you know? 23 cubic yards of Landfill Space was saved over the past 3 years which is enough to fill 4, 580 1-gallon jugs of water. Did you know? 6,172 Kilowatt hours of energy was saved over the past 2 years which is enough energy to power and iPhone 6, at one full charge per day, for the 1,624 years Did you know? 331 gallons of gasoline was saved over the past 2 years which is enough gas to drive 2 consecutive round trips from New York City to Los Angeles, averaging 30 miles per gallon.

Two recycling bins were placed behind each area at the venue to capture shrink wrap, stretch wrap and ice bags. Event staff worked with volunteers to implement a recycling system to capture the commodity and communicate between volunteer shifts.
Compostable bags were provided to capture banana peels for the three day event. In total, 62 pounds of banana peels were collected and transported to a certified composting facility in Lansing, Michigan. After 90 days, the food waste is processed into a nutrient rich soil amendment called compost.
Clear signage, branded with the Kalamazoo Ribfest logo, was attached to light and tent poles around Arcadia Creek Festival Place to communicate with festival attendees about what commodities could be recycled and the proper bin placement. Overall, the event had less than a 10% contamination rate among the 25 recycling bins placed around the event.
Thank you to our event greening partner Schupan recycling, together we're making the world a better place.