What if you threw a big meat party and a vegan burger stole the show? That's what happened at a ribfest in London, Ontario Canada a few days before the 2016 Kalamazoo Ribfest.

The burgers were made of a chickpea, onion and breadcrumb pattie, and were, according to HuffPoCananda,

thrown onto a griddle for a nice sear before being topped off with creamy homemade mayo, shredded iceberg lettuce, dairy-free cheddar cheese, and onions and pickles inside a three-part sesame bun.

Demand was so strong for the vegan Big Mac, the burgers were sold out before the end of the five-day BBQ festival.

McInnes told The Huffington Post Canada he and his team went through 300 kilograms of dried chickpeas to satisfy hungry customers.