Being a fan of all different kinds of music I'm always listening to something.  Recently (and it's a coincidence that Dennis DeYoung is coming to Ribfest 2014),  I've been listening to Styx's "The Grand Illusion". 

I was 1 and a half when this album originally came out so obviously wasn't familiar with it till I was much older.   I'll admit that I'm not the biggest Styx fan, before I got a hold of this album the only thing of Styx that I had was an original 45 of "Mr. Roboto" (cool picture disc that had the great under rated song "Snowblind" as the b side).   Obviously the Greatest Hits disc are the way to go for all of Styx's classic but if your going to check out the albums "The Grand Illusion" is one of their best.  The Title cut, "Fooling Yourself", "Come Sail Away" and even "Miss America"  make this a great listen.  I'm even starting to like the non single tracks like "Superstars", "Man in the Wilderness" and "Castle Walls".   If you haven't listened in awhile give it a spin if not if you like to pick up classic's this is one worth getting a hold of.